1 Day

New Gun Owner/Intro to Pistol

In 2020, the United States gained approximately 5 million new gun owners. This is great, but without proper training and education a firearm can become more of a liability than an asset. Here at Ripcord Training Group we would like to help new gun owners understand how to safely and effectively utilize their firearm and become a master of the tool. This 2 day course is designed for new gun owners and is an entry level course.


2 Days

Pistol 1&2

The scope of this 2 day course is designed for students that are familiar with their pistols and are ready to take their training to the next level. During this course students will learn to improve basic fundamentals, eliminate wasted movement, advantages of different sighting systems, cadence as a tool, target transitions, moving while shooting, and much more. Students will leave this course with more confidence as a pistol shooter to make effective hits on target.

rifle 2 cover.jpg

2 Days

Rifle 1&2

This 2 day course is designed to make students more familiar and effective with their rifle. Students will learn manual of arms, basic fundamentals, zero/hold overs, advantages of different sighting systems, movement to position, shooting while moving, barricade shooting, and more. Students should leave this course with the knowledge and confidence to safely and effectively deploy their rifle in real world applications.



5 Days

Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Course

This 50 hour B.L.E.S.C. has been developed for officers / operators who have recently been assigned to the role of Law Enforcement Sniper / Marksman. This program is designed to give our students the best possible training in safety, modern techniques, and utilization of tactics.


2 Days

Night Fighter- Level 1 

This 16 hour course has been developed for officers / operators / teams that have the ability to utilize night vision devices during their tactical operations. At the end of this course, students will have a better understanding of how night vision works and how it can be an effective tool or asset to their team.


5 Days

Basic SWAT School- Level 1

This 40+ hour course was developed for officers / operators who have been newly assigned to any Tactical Team whether it be SWAT, High Risk Warrant Service, Narcotics, Etc. At the end of this course our students will have the confidence and ability to operate safely and effectively during real world missions.


5 Days

Advanced SWAT- Level 2

This 40+ hour course has been designed for officers / operators that have had some type of basic swat training and are ready to take their training and knowledge to the next level so that they may be more of an asset to the team or unit they represent.