The Ripcord Training Group Team is composed of Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian instructors from all over the United States. Our Teammates are individuals who are dedicated to their craft and passionate about building up those around them. Our team’s mission is to build an educational network that is easily accessible to students from every walk of life, from every part of our great country. Armed with a wide variety of experience, our Team is committed to the training and development of those looking to better themselves and protect their families. Ripcord Training Group is NOT about one instructor and their background solely. Instead, we work together drawing from our Team’s unique experiences, so that we can provide a broad range of courses. Course topics include, but are not limited to, case law, shooting performance, SWAT schools, breaching, survival, medical, and more. New course development is continuous and will be posted as they become available.


We want students to leave our courses with a solid foundation to build from and a hunger to drive personal performance further. We look forward to the opportunity to train with you!

  • Zac Newton / CEO / Ripcord Training Group LLC       

  • Steve Winenger / President / Ripcord Training Group LLC